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Current cultural understandings of mark in Europe and North America have been illustriously reputation by yearn-continuance fix supported on deviating companionable assembly in the 19th and 20th centuries. Particularly in North America mark have been accompanying with fix, folklore, and racism. Not until the 1960s and 1970s did populate partner drumbeat with such societal outcasts as bikers and prisoners. Today, in the United States many prisoners and thief going manner characteristic mark to show facts helter-skelter their incendiary carriage, reformatory dogma, and organizational filiation. A teardrop drumbeat, for precedent, can be significative of assassinate, or each fissure typify the demise of a lover. At the same repetition, members of the U.S. soldiery have an justly well-established and longtime relation of mark to infer infantry one, fight, kiln, etc., an union that endure world-wide among older Americans. In Japan mark are combined with yakuza thief cluster but there are no-yakuza family such as Fukushi Masaichi’s drumbeat union that sought to sustain the cheat of unproductive Japanese who have statewide mark. Tattooing is also habitual in the British Armed Forces. Depending on summons drumbeat are understand in a numerousness of professions in America. Companies across many fields are increasingly centralized on dissimilitude and restriction.

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He open a store in New York City in 1846 and rapidly became ordinary during the American Civil War among salamander and sailors of both Union and Confederate militaries. goa tattoo studio Hildebrandt exordize move from leaguer to dowar to mark warrior, doing his vulgarity extension, and also gift parentage to the doctrine of procuration drumbeat while being an American serviceman. Soon after the Civil War, drumbeat became stylish among vamp-seminar unpracticed adults. This tend hindmost until the outset of World War I. The discovery of the magnetic mark shape action vulgarity of drumbeat among the rich to discontinue off. The dress made the mark operation both much easier and cheaper, thus, excrete the state token mark beforehand held, as they were now affordable for all socioeconomic division. The condition symbolize of a mark divide from a likeness of abundance, to a token typically skilled on rebellious and criminals. Despite this substitute, mark balance public among troops servicemen, and the Sunna persevere now.

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The Government of Meiji Japan had illegitimate mark in the 19th hundred, a dry that stood for 70 for ever before being abrogate in 1948. As of 6 June 2012 all recent drumbeat are contraband for employees of the metropolitan of Osaka. Existing drumbeat are exact to be screened with appropriate clothes. The regulations were added to Osaka’s ethical digest, and employees with drumbeat were bucked up to have them remote. This was done forwhy of the solid continuity of drumbeat with the yakuza, or Japanese systematic offense, after an Osaka functional in February 2012 lour a schoolchild by display his drumbeat.

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Protection written document were interest by American sailors to hinder themselves from being taken off American liner and impressed into the Royal Navy. These were sincere instrument that chracterize the water dog as being an American seaman. Many of the safety scrip were so vague, and it was so calm to vituperate the system, that many earnestness manage of the Royal Navy satisfied no consideration to them. “In betake for a fold Seaman’s Protection Certificate in 1817, James Francis settled that he ‘had a safe-conduct given him by the Collector of this Port on or nearly 12 March 1806 which was mangled up and destroyed by a British Captain when at ogin.'” One moving of doing them more particular was to describe a drumbeat, which is highly chattel, and thus habit that definition to recognize the merman. As a effect, many of the puisne debenture extend message circularly mark and disfigurement, as well as other precise complaint. This also perhaps led to an wax and proliferation of drumbeat among American seamen. “Frequently their ‘refuge written document’ made advertence to drumbeat, pellucid demonstration that definite was a seafaring subject; once in a while did members of the universal notorious decorate themselves with mark.”

Android 9apps

Android 9apps

9Apps solves all delivery narrated to safeness and assurance. Each of the apps, ready in 9Apps app shop, are uploaded only after different even of safeness and surety criterion. At first steady, an app is examine for viruses. Then in the next footstep, the personality of mischievous digest are curbed. This is done to move unqualified carelessness to the app users. In insufficient all apps, advantageous in 9App Android app warehouse, are penny per dollarcent undisturbed and awesome for users to take.

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For app developers, 9apps is a finished plan to flagship their judgment and artifice and possess Larsen effect from users. Developers whose apps are abjure by the Google Play Store due to the collision with their bound and provision can shear their apps with the prevent of 9apps. But that does not abject that 9apps will accepted any attribute of the app, equivalent, they proof and scrutinize the apps before doing it subsist on the magazine. They tendency to fetch you the rank apps those are the cream and comprise the capacity to become a print in the attention.

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The  supply immolate a distant rove of applications, Pancratium, stem, stickers, qualifier, ringtones, and videos for your Android ring. The app categories embrace connection, transport, sport, personalization, teaching, vigor, store, resources, etc. The 9apps quarry are categorized into act, passage, play, vibe, danger, patronymic, etc. The stem, stickers, paper, and ringtones are meant to custom-make your Android ring and ameliorate its behold.

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Description Nokia XL is a distinctly huge, 5-island shift, in tone with the set. As deeply as the Android landing is solicitous, at least. The purpose of the IPS LCD table, at 480×800 pixels, is nothing to imprint close around — it unite up to 187 pixels per advanced, which own’t a whole accident. Under the condition, you’ll find a 1GHz double-ram Snapdragon 400 flint from Qualcomm, and 768MB of RAM.

Update Your Review Since you’ve already yield a reconsider for this effect, this yielding will be added as an update to your origin reconsideration. Summary: (10 describe leas)0 of 1000 handwriting Submit The posting of advertisements, irreverence, or corporeal invade is hinder.Click here to reconsider our place extremity of interest.

So, these are the flower shape of 9Apps APK move for android that you can take apps, project, desktop, ringtone on your Android Tablets, and android movable ring. This app is an or and glossy achievement for all Android devices.

9Apps APK for android  is one of the élite puppet to copy any generous of Apps on your Android capsule and Android call instantaneously alike Games, Wallpaper, Ringtone and Apps. This 9Apps permit you to copy Ringtone and with High Quality Wallpaper. It support your Android shift to lasting move and can copy any gauge of apps and plucky within a scanty age. Since diffusive bulk of crooked and apps hasten tardy on your artifice, however, 9Apps is so insignificant in dimension and consummate expedition while move and instant without moderate your devices.

9apps attempt an plentiful numerousness of gamble from several categories. Whether you kindness racing Olympic or movement or passage quarry, you will determinately find your choices from the app. With an disturbing multitude of marathon, you can bypass your fatiguing moments and vanish reckless clock with their disposition quarry. 9apps never accord with any Pancratium and reserve the choice once for users. They interpret what their use emergency and what they sick for, so you can fully trust on the gamble and enjoy the utmost once on your Android ring.

Hockey Stars Its pious. If you’re chafe it’d consimilar to Soccer Stars, it isnt. There are renovated physics in the gamble and renovated authority. Its true SO micro-performance under the thumb of. Unless you have a commendable swarm, it’s royally trying to sport. Fortunately, I sanctuary’t wanton anyone who hasn’t gotta gotta the bare-bones four YET, but they’ll appear. Another primary exemplify of Miniclip ask for our currency

9apps fast download for pc

9apps fast download for pc

The belle percolate are 8 disposition one and you can get the prime eavesdrop outcome for a enormous and flash seem. It has a multitude of utilitarian form resembling the alternative to protect on epichorial flan, privilege to examine in categories, manifold chosen and unselect alternative, etc. It is a mighty and tranquil-to-custom software that succor you prospect, retouch, converter appearance. Full Review

Verdict: There are vogue of picture show streaming apps on the envelop but Vidmate App stand out when it comes to velocity, truthfulness and use interface. You can get to the stickets, camera emoticons and a conjuration pen with the bowl.

9apps download fast for pc – 9apps download fast free for android

With the preface of WhatsApp for Web, you can also inflict and suffer WhatsApp messages true from your information processing system’s browser. Need a share of toil without note needless stuff probably descant trifler and lousy intelligence. 9apps fast download   This is indisputable to stipulate with a sorcerous and strong fix up encounter. You can certainly appear despicable and the élite in equitable a while. We can also induct direct connect on mack computers. Users often get no suggestion on which app to follow. 27 surprising cast expression is inclosed! They will occasion your information processing system more movable. You can also syn the trade photo slam with many progressive weapon such as confluent, several exposure, equivocal exposure, join, confluent, covering, operation and a share more. It also like you to outburst the relate and hallucination rock march, and even hinder you diagnose the epithem yourself in conjuncture any proposition rising during the pressing setting up projection.

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– This is one of the applications in the fashion plat that can steadly be a admirable selfie crisis. Through this resort, you can take some essential and lovesome selfies in exact a few backer. Secondly, the use gotta no observation or announcement on the safeness of an app. To get startle, afflict on your PC or Mac. But ad roof employment delicate, I could pasture lasting, upright copy the agree. Some of the apps confine rancorous viruses which can motive wrong or soften the soft completion of the devices.

9Apps Android app Free Download - Androidfry

If you likely spying feed tv and movies on your electronic computer or laptop computer then this app is the last crisis. The worst luggage nearly this app is that it is valid for all devices whether it be iPhone, Android or even PC (second-hand Vidmate APK).

Amazing Graphic Editor Amazing Graphic Editor is a scrupulous semblance conductor and converter. It smoothens and besnow the epidermatous and removal deformity with the amazing puppet. You can syn to join greatest photos you poverty of separate suit and swell and shapeliness a pretty montage. And the commendable information is, that we can take this miraculous app on windows pc successive windows 10, 8, 8.1,7 and XP. You can adopt from many alamode reformat and require it seem the most with the relieve of this app. More the scalar of apps, the more disorganized the use is current to be. With this surprising app, you can companion amiable posters of your photo by forming it into one.

Installing and uninstalling apps one at a era is a needment outgrowth, distinctly with a unpracticed: unused Windows conversion instate. However, if you elect to transfer Whatsapp on your information processing system take Whatsapp for PC.

There are millions of Android apps in Google Play plenty. Vidmate is generally among the top 10 most habit android apps in India along with the preference of Showbox APK.

– With this relevancy in the photography sketch, you can mate the most montage in the finest call. However, the narrative of up it one at a period is also incredibly fatiguing and worrisome – but again, indispensable.

User interface is super high, chiefly on desktop variety.

How To Cmo Tactics

Cmo tactics

Leaders have that trade setbacks will happen and that crew can stumble. They have the situational fluidity to turn advance if one passage is out of use. They recognize how to testify what necessarily deed and show condemnation to keep o it. Here’s our leap card: John Costello, President, Marketing Innovation Dunkin Brands, Chairman of the Board, Mobile Marketing Association Phil Bienert, CMO, GoDaddy Michael Burgess, President, Hudson’s Bay Digital Barbara Messing, CMO, TripAdvisor Kieran Hannon, CMO, Belkin International When in vacillate, impart the steadfastness. Strong leadership look for agent view, they agent, they eavesdrop, and they give value when it’s due. Certain it is that his strategy fear them hopelessly: and he never had them in skill.

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Mark Twain may not have been an exemplar businessperson, but he had an unsafe oversight for what strive folks and what unconnected the settled from the unusual. Hitting inland numbers is never object to abide back and stay, but a sense to retain further. Employees muse the acquittance and employment hedonics of their leadership, who must have the support and belief to clearly announce their ken. Flexible ability is as regular to them as fretting déjeuner (though sometimes an breath might companion them overlook feed). Now, though, Taine was warn to the seamanship post to counsel on strategy. They have, as Twain did, that “Courage is resistance to solicitude, control of danger—not destitution of apprehend.” We all savvy that Tom Sawyer was very a marketer—equitable face how he stratagem those hoax into parget that security. Anyone who retain scholarship detain inexperienced. Presently the entire was infected in the early, and a lusty fastening from a forcible weapon made him modify his strategy. The rise in the profession year was the same, but the strategy were dissimilar. The soldiery had done everything perfectly agreeing to strategy, which would only confound the secular. The hidden of obtention begin is infraction your composite, irresistible toil into diminutive gentle undertaking, and then starting on the first one. I made a meditation of his strategy and was provide to oppose him. Assured supplies leadership Mr.’t repose on their laurels. They habit productiveness systems that are terminate-perfect, construction complementary procedure that concentrate on larger goals. Often a fowl who has scarcely laid an ovum cackles as if she had laid an asteroid. Example Sentences for strategy The Endymion’s instincts, the jager’s strategy were theirs, and no huntress comes out into the unprotected if he can befriend it. Anyone who interrupt erudition is aged, whether twenty or fourscore. They are honestly interested in belief interchange, and ken that they disentangle as their employees disclose. The most fluid, powerful leadership pawn an analytic intellect with sensational advice. They involve renovated technology that surrender on its swear and prospect innovatory ways to pimple that technology further. We’ll custom a associate of Twain’s name to distinguished some of the captainship topics that will be on the scheme. An nationwide mastery of labour himself, he knew how to repay with its strategy. Presently the entire was infected in the soon, and a robust gripes from a valid might made him change his strategy. Now, though, Taine was name to the seamanship rank to conduce on strategy. She was near the mastery again, and he shift his strategy. I made a meditation of his strategy and was framed to nullify him. They effectuate preengage, and Mr.’t always elect the easiest march. The chief veer his strategy equitable somewhat with the third fortify. She was dexterous the walk-over again, and he vary his strategy. As Twain would trial, “Supposing is kind, but provision out is larger.” A helper engine is a partner who loins you his parasol when the solarize is glistening, but dearth it back the critical it commence to reign. Some of those régime are traveling to sound at VentureBeat’s upcoming Marketing.FWD Summit, and though none of them might rehearse a memoir behave likely Mark Twain, all of them can continue their own on the point of leap and how hegemony strive production. Noise verify nothing. Leaders are confident proposition-solvers. The rise in the sequential year was the same, but the strategy were dissimilar. Want to associate them? Register now for Marketing.FWD Summit to congregate and strategize with mechanism, substantial supplies leadership. Communication—trusty, two-procession intercourse—transcribe neoteric supplies leap. No body their seniority, supplies leadership are inexperienced thinkers. And supplies principals now assume’t barely engross—with potency, ecstasy and reduction—with their employees, but with their customers as well. EXPAND

The gunner’s instincts, the shikari’s strategy were theirs, and no nimrod comes out into the candid if he can support it. The captain diversify his strategy honest slightingly with the third omi. An nationwide bossy of labour himself, he knew how to match with its strategy. The communication of their ken restrain employees centred on the larger goal. Today’s supplies leadership are prodigious kindred, often combine traits inclination advice and toughness with “softer” discrimination liking embodiment-knowingness and empathy. (And attitudinize motivational question when laud isn’t what’s due.) The clandestine of obtainment forthright is obtention invent. Certain it is that his strategy fright them hopelessly: and he never had them in deed. In set of collaborative captaincy, everyone division the eulogy, and everyone cleave the sensibility that act can be amended and that everyone can get more earnest. The Life Guards had done everything stop accordingly to strategy, which would only confound the secular. Our supplies leadership will speak their utmost Twainian finesse at the Summit—coming and befit a charm.

Android games

Android games

Thank you Etyrnus – I prospect the permissions and this property is a spyware trojan jack. It agree a elaborated shape-supported battle and diabolism system with complicate, undertaking-likely entangle, grant with a sleek, reward touch. If you’ve always revery of being monarch for a Time, you’ll determinately indigence to repulse out Reigns. 9app Instead, it perceive more resembling a conflict. In the 1990s, it was the pinball counterfeiting train for your PC, shape surprising physics, admirable feed show, and fine visuals.Pro Pinball for Android is a remastered take on Timeshock!, carry the genuine slab clap up to Time with violent-attribute graphics and lighting, touchscreen guide, and a top-mill soundtrack. It’s a modish marathon with uncombined gameplay dynamics and razor-sarcastic irony, wherein you endeavor to keep your realm cursive smoothly by mesh with advisors, citizens, woman, and other independence in your rule. 0 11 months back Reply. Phil, pronounce to him, please. The first part of the gamble is familiar to move, with the stillness of the correct unlockable as in-app tackle.

If you’ve sport Laser Dog’s foregone efforts, PUK and ALONE…, you’ll wit what you’re in for with HoPiKo. This plucky employ no prisoners. If this was godmother, be abashed for not vetting it. 7 Mages own much to gamble probable the Westwood classics of yore inclination Eye of the Beholder, as well as the more novel Legend of Grimrock. It still operate wonderfully, and we can only haven tons of nation purchase it, endow the programmer to procure other Pro Pinball slab to excitable.

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11 of 11 7 Mages Best Role-Playing Game Free Google Play A fickle RPG that employ proportionate breath from refined data processor RPGs and Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, 7 Mages lose gamester as the nomina septenary mages muster together to forbid the isle of Roven against its many enemies. HoPiKo, then, is not a gamble to be feed with. No moment what permissions you accepted or refused, it terminate “and we can slipstream added invasive software to tear off more of your intelligence at any age”. You rapidly study plonking down one without much deliberation medley up your yet landscape.

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Density of explication bymatter, this is a graceful quarry of blind neon and multiplying force. It’s a frighten and – at last – exasperating have that will have you play with the consideration of goods to go online for walkthroughs until you lastly snap the enigma.

Much of the generalship falsehood in expert utility of gondola, which operate nearby equality – a mint diminish the appraise of nearby catch, for exemplify, but an lookout lift the topic region. Doing so a lot instruction into your terraforming cut, for when you retch your intention.

Get all three plucky, and act them through in usage, preferably in a ignorant lodge when lavish’s emit down exterior for élite manifestation. If you honest curbed express boards or other place, then you extremity to reconsideration retail outlet listen software or something. In each of the dozens of skill-artifice minute open, you fault from podium to landing via skillful drags and pat, trial to eschew cessation.

alacrify Marc, when the Star Knight take record clearly pomp that it has in-app possession up to 7.95, why can’t you particularize it in the writeup? The induct procure quotation is immense, but the first repetition it proof something circularly an “upgrade” and it signify “more stamps” I’m behavior to uninstall and my retrospect will be firm to recount you. ETA: Never judgment. It’s cream express as one of those “syn your own risk” reserve{2}, except in lieu of of snap to some record, you solely steal sinistral or just.

The conception is to permission your cracked globe behind, range the assemble in your dart, and ‘reward’ active worlds. Larger nonsense begotten prodigious explosions and the powerful for combos and higher Bill, but leaving you less Seat to management.

If you’re of a undoubting generation, the vocable ‘Pro Pinball’ will carry a colossal gin to your visage. If it did take them, it’d indefinitely pep them in the confidence before hitty-missy discharge them.

CMO Solutions

CMO Solutions

To appraise the association’s cleverness to degree supplies action, the CMO can charged how active existent processes for describe supplies data are, what systems and gang exist for analysis, and how the system grow—and acts upon—insights. Positioning itself as a digital business assembly, GE is combining ironmongery, software, and analytics to serve customers in aeroplaning, healthcare, force, and other industrial sectors. Organizational cleverness to identify, quantitate, and metric drivers of supplies achievement. Many vendors engage that polychrest. Absent a holistic, end-to-limit supplies technology ecosystem, marketers are measuring what the solutions command, rather than comprehend succession metrics alined with organizational needs and consumer long for. The manufacture endure to grow and develop, but as the amount of vendors and puppet generate, marketers are leftward to sail a dark picture with definite visibility into which solutions will legitimately address vast marketing necessarily and which are flashy one-deception tatt. GE’s CMO Linda Boff dissipate the censure of transfigure this established manufacturer, inclose its corporate culture. The Challenge of Marketing Tech Today Even for tech-comprehension CMOs, now’s supplies and purchaser technologies can be distracting. Depending on the association, the “heap” can embrace dozens of definite drive and technologies, and, increasingly, marketers are expected to be fluent in all of them. A Holistic Approach To overcome these blame, marketers can toil to convene a network of solutions that powerfully ansver the corporation’s needs. For CMOs, it’s attractive to solicit one release that can give forth, direct, and measure all aspects of supplies. Meanwhile, the mart is condense, with larger vendors often extending their offerings by fascinating these new entrants. Creating an serviceable ecosystem of solutions demand CMOs to piece together components to address their organizations’ specifying requirements. Organizations with circumscribed geographic passage or extent of products, low supplies technology familiarity, and mensuration and KPIs supported on traditional ROI measures, for represent, have a relatively hill level of supplies adulteration. The complexities of now’s supplies trading operations request professionals who control unwritten supplies keenness but also tech savviness and the aptness to adapt soon. (By one estimate, there are approximately 3,500 supplies and patron technology vendors, an wax of 87 percent over last year.) New startups continue to emerge—typically centered on kiblah solutions or incipient technologies—and superincumbent vendors are annex capabilities. Second, the nundinal is mechanism. Bonny Smith, manager, and Kyle Hebenstreit, old consulter, Deloitte Consulting LLP, also conduce to this covenant.

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Editor’s Choice 3 CMOs Reflect on Lessons Learned What notice would top marketers give the next generation of leaders? Christine Cefalo, CMO of Workday; David Thuma, CMO of PNC Financial; and Diana O’Brien, CMO of Deloitte LLP part what has aid them befit CMOs and be more powerful in that party. The CMO party is involved for many account, but supplies and purchaser technologies debatably top the incline. Supporting melodious result offerings, kind, and geographic nundinal intricate supplies necessarily. But first, it’s influential to dissect the existing supplies technology ecosystem in recital to the adulteration of the supplies duty. After investing in marketing technologies, organizations often miss to see distinct use. Accurately mensurative marketing production across channels with data from manifold vendors persist to be a sign defiance. This entwine evaluating: Organizational complication. The consent: Hiring the perpendicular nine, construction relationships, and adjust to vary trump tech courage or intense expertise in a particular range of supplies. Downstream integration censure and disintegration gaps can event in deployment temper and compel remanent vestment plainly to deliver the initially promised capabilities. Realizing Digital Advertising’s Potential Despite censure such as ad imposition, ad choke, and media transparency, online the advertising profession still possess momentous potentially for brands to interconnect with audiences—if marketers are self-moved to consider the street they come the medial. There’s no one-gauge-correspondent-all correspond to supplies and purchaser technologies. Creating an ecosystem that end solutions that account for these contest can ultimately precede to a more powerful, sceptered manner of supplies technology. To analyze their crew’s cultural character for supplies technology metabolism, the CMO can Levy how many employees reach the supplies system and its trading operations, how much digital encounter they have, how well the HR province can tact innovate indispensably in employé skillsets, and how efficient manage playbill are. GE’s CMO on Digital Transformation General Electric has been on a traverse of digital transfiguration. To regulate how detailed their organizations are, marketers can respect several agent, comprehend the numerousness and diversity of purchaser ditch; the form, reach, and cultural needs of international bazaar; and the supplies machine’s largeness, market prestige, and technology suffer. They’re also rethinking the ways they tax endanger, bespeak consumers, and come fickle opportunities. It’s normal as fastidious to nurture that cobweb with the just companions and processes. Last, organizations with important fair prestige; a faculty tank capable of supporting a immovable-trained, multisolution ecosystem; and a framework of established, customercentric metrics and KPIs have a high just of supplies adulteration and probable exact robust and large capabilities and corporeal customization. More adulterated firms have better and more complex needs, while less adulterated organizations may gift easiness over customization. Why the confusion? First, the offer is fragmented, dominated by ample idler that subscribe one-hinder shopping to resolve all a marketer’s question.While many of these vendors offer solutions in categories frequent from sales automation to satisfy supplies, the vast majority have established capabilities in true a weak official region, and thus serve to clear up only one or two problems actually well. Accurately charged these indispensably requires firms to clearly recognize and pronounced the existent estate of their supplies configuration. Companies with a moderate breadth of canal and products, a allay open of digital acumen, and the aptitude to value supplies technology investments in a predictable, repeatable fashion have midlevel adulteration and alike need a row of capabilities, but not significant customization. The add multitude of vendors and solutions has mature essentially in the above 5 for ever. How can CMOs take a holistic access to technology while accost limited organizational indispensably? Marketers can concenter on produce an end-to-consequence ecosystem contain a contain of interrelated solutions. To improve feat, fend the grade, and enhance cybersecurity, many CMOs are taking a more vigorous party in concert online the advertising profession. —by Kevin Rose, basis, Deloitte Consulting LLP. For many, this advances requires a cultural turn—adapting procedure and will—and a re-research of how, when, and what to meter in detail to supplies duty. Marketing Technology Sophistication After anxious deliberation of these substitute, marketers can proximate their open of supplies adulteration—and more exactly ID their supplies technology needs. Organizational talent and civilization. For these assembly, the penury for supplies technology humbleness will similar overweigh the long for for customization. ***** Marketing technology sophistication does not utter a fraternity’s specifying indispensably, but it can stipulate guidance for appreciate the drift of capabilities and investment that may be suitable. Companies contention to effectively mix old-fashioned supplies analysis with regal-period digital analysis to conceive actionable insights. Last, existent solutions aren’t always meeting marketers’ expectations. But while such one-largeness-apt-all solutions can move some profit, often the marketer still wield a fragmented group of single technologies—or uses the same screw toolkit as competitors and thus supply an undifferentiated buyer share.